Our Team

Riza Falepi

Director of Business Development, Indonesia

Trust our experience!

Customer oriented

Cybe's team are insanely focused on the customer value that they deliver. We pride ourselves on our cultural foundations that combine authenticity, transparency and respect in a way that establishes and nourishes trusted relationships with all our customers.


One of the key success factors to cyber security and digital business transformation are your people. Thats' why Cybe has partnered with a leading Australian University to design package and deliver custom education and training that future proofs your staff.


Ensuring that we always stay true to our word and deliver on our promises is key to demonstrating the universal integrity of our people, our, products and our services. Stay true to the core values of our business is how Cybe continues


Our team of world leading technologists continually push the boundaries of traditional business solutions, finding innovations that open up and transform the way we think about information systems and the way we do business with each other.


Growth is a central pillar of our philosophy. Through our customer oriented mindset and innovative technology solutions we are able to help businesses find efficiencies in existing business models and also open up the potential to new channels of revenue.

Delivery on-time

Once your business starts their journey with Cybe, whether its a Cyber Security transformation, a Digital business transformation or a combination of both, you can rest assured that Cybe has a proven track records of delivering on-time and on-budget.

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Experience you can trust, service you can rely on. Cybe are your partners in successful cyber security and business transformation!