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Digital transformation: a holistic business approach

As technology has proliferated and advanced, it has opened up far more opportunities for businesses to improve their processes and operations, leading to better services and customer experiences. But digital transformation isn’t a once-and-done project or an initiative confined to the IT department. To truly keep your company competitive and adaptable, it is necessary to adopt a holistic approach to digital transformation.

At Cybe we deliver on our holistic approach to building a successful and sustainable digital transformation journey for our clients through five key stages; Leadership, Product Management, Development, Architecture and Operations.


Set the executive tone for your transformation journey, create a shared vision and strategy, incorporate transformational objectives at every employee role, create structured decision making and accountability while removing barriers to communication.

Product management

Introduce a modern Agile framework that helps translate product vision and strategy into actionable tactics, devise hypotheses that can be rapidly tested and iterate to gather data that validates models or provides lessons from failures.


Enable rapid implementation of product models using modern development tools and agile methodologies, focus on building the best product capabilities that deliver customer value and use fast feedback cycles for validation or additional learning.


Provide a stable and sustainable technical foundation suitable for both short- and long-term objectives, while balancing the efficiencies of standardisation against the need for customisation. By embracing open and interoperable cloud technologies we help you establish more flexible and cost effective IT deployments.


Establish a foundation based on the five key Site Reliability Principles (SRE) of Availability, Performance, Monitoring, Incident Response and Preparation. Seek to eliminate COST through automation, embrace action despite risks and use transparent metrics to measure results.

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