Cyber Skills Academy

Future-proof your digital business:

Employers are looking for more digitised skill sets as national economies embrace the drive towards digital business transformation. Complex problem solving will become more and more important in the workplace, requiring both theoretical and practical knowledge.

In partnership with Macquarie University,  Cybe Cyber Skills Academy brings together the best minds in academia and industry to co-design courses that are pertinent and applicable to you and your role in the business. Advance your career through practical courses, with content and teaching focused on building transferable skills that can be applied across the entire business

Cyber Skills Academy Courses

Discover more below on the various Cyber Skills Academy microcredential course options that we have available for your team .

Act Now, Secure Tomorrow!

The education and training of your staff is an essential pillar to building success and resilience in your business models.

Contact us now to start exploring your path towards a future that prioritises the enhancement of your organisation through the education and training of your employees. Your business deserves the highest level of protection, and Cybe is ready to provide it.

    Cyber Skills Benefits

    Our Cyber Skills Academy delivers a world-leading cyber and digital learning capability that is designed to enhance your team by securing your most valuable assets.

    Skilled staff

    Elevating your staff capabilities in cyber will enhance their careers and make their skills more relevant and valuable to your business as your business’ digital journey expands.

    Business Resilience

    Create resilience in your business processes, policies and procedures by enabling your executive to have the latest thought leadership knowledge in incident response and management.

    Cyber Uplift

    Uplifting your business cyber capabilities will enable you to better prepare and protect your business to the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

    Applied Knowledge

    Through our applied learning platform your team will not only discover the theoretical side of cyber but they will gain insights into real world applications of the technologies as well.

    Self-Paced Learning

    With a 100% online learning platform your team can take on their learning journey at their own pace to fit in with the business work life schedule.

    Recognised Credentials

    Each of our unique micro-skills cyber learning modules are carefully developed to provide students with internationally recognised credentials, and options for further study.

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