Cyber Security

By leveraging advanced concepts and innovations in Cyber Security, we have developed a framework that brings you years of knowledge and practice in protecting digital businesses to transform your cyber maturity levels rapidly.


Digital Business

We deliver on our holistic approach to building a successful and sustainable digital transformation journey for our clients through five key stages; Leadership, Product Management, Development, Architecture and Operations.


Cloud Infrastructure

Our team of cloud specialists have extensive experience in guiding and mentoring highly regulated businesses on their infrastructure transformation journey to private and public cloud solutions.


Education & Training

Through our extensive industry experience and partnership with a leading Australian education institution. Cybe has developed a range of education, training and mentoring programs to elevate you teams capabilities.


Our approach

Principles of our work



Cybe builds long term relationships with its clients, where we believe in adding value through the collaborative development of a targeted transformation roadmap.

The first stage of this process we call “Discover”. In the Discovery phase our specialists will spend time with a range of your business and technology team members to understand what your current state is and where you transformation ambitions are aiming.



With data successfully gathered from the Discover phase, our team of experts begin the next phase “Assess”, where they analyse your businesses current state and target state ambitions.

Through this process we consider what services, products, solutions and education training programs that may suite your needs.

An initial transformation plan is developed in preparation for final workshops with your team.



The final phase of our initial engagement process is called “Advise”, this is where we run a series of roadmap workshops.

During each workshop we will take your teams through the initial transformation plan that was developed during the Asses phase.  Collaboratively fine tuning the target outcomes and timelines.

Once we have completed the roadmap workshops we are able to present back to your business a final transformation roadmap 

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Experience you can trust, service you can rely on. Cybe are your partners in successful cyber security and business transformation!