Services we offer

Cyber Security

By leveraging advanced concepts and innovations in Cyber Security, we have developed a framework that brings you years of knowledge and practice in protecting digital businesses to transform your cyber maturity levels rapidly.


Digital Business

We deliver on our holistic approach to building a successful and sustainable digital transformation journey for our clients through five key stages; Leadership, Product Management, Development, Architecture and Operations.


Cloud Infrastructure

Our team of cloud specialists have extensive experience in guiding and mentoring highly regulated businesses on their infrastructure transformation journey to private and public cloud solutions.


Education & Training

Through our extensive industry experience and partnership with a leading Australian education institution. Cybe has developed a range of education, training and mentoring programs to elevate you teams capabilities.


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    Our core values


    Authentic Self

    At Cybe we place an incredibly high emphasis on valuing everyone’s authentic self. Being your authentic self looks different to everyone. Our goal as a company is to value everyone’s unique identity through support and recognition on the group and individual-level. We want to create a space, physically and psychologically, that’s safe for all to be their authentic self.

    Studies have shown when people feel they can be their authentic selves at work, it improves workplace satisfaction and employee performance. In fact, there’s a correlation between high-achieving teams and a company culture of sharing who employees really are.


    Building Transparency

    At Cybe it is important that we live our core value of building transparency through trust with both our employees and our customers.

    We believe our employees should know every detail about our business, inside and out. How can our people operate at their best if they don’t understand what’s happening at each level of our company? 

    We also believe transparency in business is one of the leading factors in successfully building trustworthy relationships with our clients. Each of our clients have a right to transparent communication with our entire team.


    Respecting Everyone

    At Cybe we treat every human being with respect. We understand each other’s differences and our different roles. Respect is also about showing humility and being sensitive.

    We talk to each other, not about each other. We show trust and confidence in each other. Showing respect is a giving and a taking, between different employees and between the company its employees and its customers.

    Cybe believes that respect is a foundational tenant necessary to build a company that is considered a positive working environment and a preferred employer.

    Our achievements

    The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.


    Years of business experience


    Top Cyber Security specialists


    Digital banking transformation specialists


    Multi-lingual and cultural specialists

    Why choose our company

    Business knowledge

    Our team has a proven track record of establishing, developing and guiding the launch of many businesses from inception all the way through to initial commercialisation, rapid business growth to commerical exit. Not only that but our team has extensive experience working in highly regulated industries such as banking and government.

    Technology innovation

    Our technology and engineering credentials are exemplary having successfully developed and implemented a multitude of technology innovations and concepts. Our team has also been at the forefront of technology solutions including cloud adoption for regulated industries, digital banking transformation and cyber security innovations.

    Multi-lingual support

    Our dedicated customer implementation and support teams will help breakthrough and dissolve any language barriers that exist in advancing the successful adoption of global technology innovations; we currently can support customers that speak English, Bahasa Indonesia and Arabic.

    Cross-cultural experts

    Understanding your culture, how your team operates and how you conduct your business is paramount to establishing and fostering a trusted, transparent and respectful business relationship. Our team of cultural account management experts will work closely with you and your team throughout your Cybe transformation journey.

    “Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.”

    Sri Indah Permata

    Founder & Co-CEO

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